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           The Full Story

Our Legacy of Excellence

Since our inception in 1937, the Association of Dedicated Security and Investigative Specialists (ADSAI) has stood as a beacon of professionalism and unwavering dedication in the heart of Illinois. We are not just the oldest, but the most revered association of security and investigative professionals in the state, cherished for our steadfast commitment to excellence and integrity.

Our Mission

ADSAI is more than an association; it is a fellowship of the elite, each member a custodian of our collective ethos to protect and serve with unparalleled dedication. Here, expertise isn’t just shared; it’s multiplied through collaboration, ensuring that each stride we take in security and investigation is fortified by cumulative wisdom and unwavering ethical standards.


Join Our Ranks

If your heart beats for justice and your spirit is aligned with indomitable ethical standards, ADSAI is your calling. We offer not merely positions, but vocations imbued with purpose and significance. Step into a role where your passion for security and investigation helps forge safer communities, and your commitment to values shapes the future.

Our Commitment

With each passing year, our pledge to uphold the pinnacle of service remains unshaken. Every member acts as a pillar, upholding the sanctuary of safety we promise to the communities we safeguard. Our history is not just a record of past deeds; it is the bedrock of our identity and the compass that guides our unwavering resolve to lead with honor and distinction.

Be Part of Something Greater

This is an invitation to transcend the ordinary. At ADSAI, your career is a passage to perpetuating a legacy of distinction. Embrace our mission, and you embrace a future where your contributions have profound impacts. Join us, and help carve the future of security and investigation in Illinois with the chisel of excellence and the hammer of justice.

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