Illinois Licensed professionals we need your support:

During each congressional session legislation bills are introduced in congress and voted on by your state senators and representatives.

ADSAI monitors unfavorable state, local and county legislation and takes action to oppose same when necessary.

Help to fund the fight against onerous legislation by joining ADSAI. Click on the following link to become a ADSAI member.

When a bill is up for vote our members are asked to contact their congressman to oppose legislation that may effect our business.

To research  a bill click on Senate and House Legislation.

Click on link to learn How a Bill becomes law.

To find out the name of your State Senators, click on http://www.ilga.gov/senate/ and State Representative, click on http://www.ilga.gov/house/

Under house, click on “Members”
click on the applicable Representative’s name for their address

Under Senate, click on “Members”
click on the applicable Senator’s name for their address

To find out where your State Senator and State Representatives have their District office, either look at your local phone book, or go to the internet and enter: www.ilga.gov

Private Detective and Security Associations hire Lobbyist to influence Governments to protect and to enhance the interest of Association Members. Ten steps to build your Association Lobbying Program.