Important State Legislative Websites

Important State Legislative Websites

What Legislative District am I in (Senate and House), and who are my representatives?

​This will take you to the Illinois State Board of Elections website. On the top left of the screen, click Option, District/Official Search. To the right of the next screen, click “Mobile/Lite Version. ​Search.”On the next screen there is a map. At the bottom of the map, enter your address or zip code. Click “Find Address” then “OK.” Click “Confirm Address.” All pertinent contact​information, including your various representatives, District numbers, party affiliation, addresses and phone numbers.

How can I find out the status of a piece of legislation?

​Look on the left side of the home page for the Illinois General Assembly. Enter the number of ​the bill into the box, such as sb 90 or hb 90. Click “Go.” If you don’t know the number of the bill, ​you can also search by keyword.

How do I find out if the State Legislature is in session?